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How Adaptogen Herbs Support Your Body & Your Root Chakra

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

If you’re feeling stressed or out of balance, then you need adaptogen herbs in your life.

What are adaptogen herbs?

Adaptogen herbs are herbs or mushrooms that have health benefits for humans. They can help your body with stress and rebalance your chakras, especially your root chakra. They work by stimulating your body and balancing out your stress responses and immune system thus returning your body to a more balanced state of being, also called homeostasis.

Examples of adaptogen herbs

Effectively they aid your body through stressful situations or periods in your life by supporting the stress response in the body, lowering cortisol levels, and bringing restorative balance to your nervous systems flight or fright response.

There are at least 70 types of known adaptogen herbs. Some common examples include:

· Ginger

· Astragalus

· Burdock

· Ashwagandha

· Schisandra

· Tilo

· Reishi, Cordyceps, & Lion’s Mane mushrooms

· Eluethero

· Turmeric

· Tulsi/Holy Basil

A few of the one’s we sell at our apothecary and use on a regular basis are:

Ashwagandha Root: Grown in India, Africa and the Middle East, this evergreen shrub is renowned for its anti-ageing and anxiety reducing properties. Also known as Indian ginseng, this herb helps to build and rejuvenate the tissues in your body, increasing your strength and energy. The name literally means “ The strength and stamina of a horse.”

Astragalus Root
Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root: Used in traditional Chinese medicine for years, astragalus, a member of the legume family, is most used alongside other herbs to treat conditions such as hay fever. It’s perfect for strengthening your digestive system, increasing metabolic activity and boosting your immune system. It can be added to soups or stews as it has a nice earthy flavor and can be taken daily.

Our energizing Double AA Battery contains both Ashwagandha and Astragalus.

Burdock Root: Burdock is native to Europe, China, Australia and North America. Each part of this plant has a unique medicinal property. This biennial plant is rich in Chromium, Iron, magnesium and Vitamin C as well as fiber. The leaves work perfectly as an antiseptic for wounds. It’s a blood purifier and aids in detoxing the body especially from the gut, blood and lymph glands. It also works well for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff as most of these are associated with gut health.

Our detoxifying Root Power contains Burdock and Dandelion a nutritive herb.

Tulsi/Holy Basil Leaf: Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil is a perennial herb with woody stems, oblong blade leaves with green to purple tint. With whorls of flowers that grow up in stalks that produce tiny purple flowers that remain after flowers and fruits have left making it easy to recognize once known. Sacred in India and used in religious ceremonies as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi in Hindu religion, that is said to bring peace, harmony, and the reminder to come home to yourself and nature. Very conscious shifting and a wonderful herb to uplift, remove stagnant energy from grief or illness, and strengthen the whole being, body, mind, and spirit. Used medicinally in Ayurvedic medicine as a powerful adaptogen that can help heal the root chakra, strengthen the adrenals, regulate hormones, and balance the endocrine system. It is a wonderful heart chakra ally opening the heart and strengthening the lungs as a respiratory tonic for asthma and chronic bronchitis. Commonly used for sore throat, common cold, fever, headaches, and helps relieve stress and boost immunity as well as protect the body from free radicals.

Drinking or using Tulsi just feels like heaven and cleanses your whole aura to feel blissful, supported, and loved. Try our Tulsi Extract tincture to help add some blissfulness to your day.

How to take adaptogen herbs

Step One: Do your research or talk to a naturopathic doctor first to choose the right adaptogen herb for your needs. Every herb has a slightly different effect on the body so the choice you make will depend on the effect you want it to have on you. For example, if you’re feeling stressed and tired, ashwagandha is great for relaxing and energizing you.

Step Two: Find a way to incorporate adaptogen herbs into your life. They come in different forms including capsules, powders, tinctures, or teas. You can add some tinctures or tea to your morning smoothie/ juice or incorporate them into your daily meals by adding herb roots/mushrooms to soups and herb leaves to salads, pesto’s and more.

Step Three: Rotate the type of adaptogen herbs you take every 6 weeks for maximum efficiency and adaptogens work better when used for 6 months or more on a regular basis to really feel the beneficial effects on the body.

Step Four: Always follow the instructions and correct dosage on the product. We also always recommend talking with a doctor or naturopathic doctor about any potential side effects with prescription drugs or during pregnancy and for use with children to ensure proper dosage.

Step Five: Enjoy the medicinal benefits and healing that adaptogen herbs can bring to your lifestyle and your families.


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