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Herbal Journey Podcast Series

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 A short intro trailer for our podcast show. Providing insights to the Who, What, and Why of our Herbal Journey podcast offering.

We really hope you enjoy and many blessings of health and healing. Aloha and Mahalo

The 'Ohana Green Witches

Karen, Christina, and Caroline Gipple

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and begin your journey to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Ready to ditch the conventional lifestyle and purposefully find health in the alternative?

Aloha, from the ‘Ohana Green Witches!  

I’m your host Karen Gipple along with my cohosts and sisters Caroline and Christina, here to take you on an Herbal Journey!

Join us for our Herbal Journey monthly podcast as we travel across the US, in our RV, visiting different organic farms and holistic businesses. Bringing interviews and conversations with other healers on the benefits of healing holistically and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Providing insights and tools into the most effective alternative therapies to incorporate into your daily life, reconnecting us to nature, and awakening your own healing magic.


To empower us to become advocates of our own health and healing. Helping assist you in remembering your own beautiful natural wisdom through the guidance and whispers of our plant allies and other modalities.


Where will your herbal journey begin?

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Herbal Journey Vlog

Our educational expansion involves traveling the US to visit herbal farms, work on environmental projects, and meet with alternative healing and holistic business owners, to bring educational resources to our followers and underserved communities, such as the Cystic Fibrosis community and others with chronic diseases, through our Herbal Journey vlog and podcast series.

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