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Tree with jars of herbal medicine between the roots
'Ohana green witches founders in front of a giant banyan tree

'Ohana Green Witches

About Us

A Green Witch respects and understands the earth and all it encompasses, their love for plants is limitless and at the core of any Green Witch you will find a green heart. Focusing on a love for life whilst, of course, honoring the divine Mother Earth.

Green Witches are the healers, the nurturers, and the givers of life on this planet. We are the protectors of nature with a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness and conservation. We believe the earth should be nourished not stripped. When we work with the Earth instead of constantly fighting against it, magical things happen.

‘Ohana Green Witches is a family-based business of three earth-loving sisters with this same Green Witch passion. Transformed by the healing energies of plants through their own self-healing journeys and seeking answers to their own illnesses that the teachings of sacred plant medicine transformed them and inspired their passion for herbalism and holistic healing.

Inspired by the herbal teachings they had received, they grew deep roots that would thrive into a beautiful tree of healing for all, to help conserve the earth and educate others on the medicinal powers of our plant allies. Being able to learn, understand, and feel the benefits of the herbs and how they help assist in healing our body, mind, and spirit is a truly remarkable gift that mother earth provides us in true abundance and we wish to share that message with the world.

‘Ohana Green Witches’ remedies are based on wise wo/men traditions and sacred plant medicine practices that pays homage to the Green witch healers and ancestors before us, while honoring and respecting the land, and plant spirits that the medicine is made of. We specialize in formulating a variety of herbal products with an emphasis on local tropical medicinal plants. Our herbs are harvested from local and mainland organic farms to ensure that our products contain the purest ingredients possible. Each product is formulated with Love and Aloha for our 'Aina', harvested and hand-crafted with the lunar cycles and healing energy of the moon and crystals, so you receive the highest vibration of healing energy possible.

Growing up as big lovers of nature, our parents always took us places we could be in nature, whether it was camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, or swimming we were always connected to Mother Earth. Our parents taught us to be curious, observe, touch, feel, and listen to mother earth and all the life around us. These are the beliefs that we at ‘Ohana Green Witches have for promoting health and conserving nature. To teach the community and future generations to get lost in her wonder, feel the sand/earth between your toes, smell the plumeria's and pine trees around us, know the connectedness, and immerse yourself with the spirit of the 'Aina'. Allow her to provide all that you need, let her teach, heal you, and guide you on this beautiful path called LIFE! 

Caroline lives life with a smile and an abundance of love in her heart for all beings. 

She has a passionate dance in her soul to find all ways to heal different energies. She welcomes everyone with a hug, has a childlike spirit of a Faery, and a nurturing mother to many young and old. In the past thirteen years, Caroline has gained experience and knowledge in herbalism through courses in tropical plant medicine in Costa Rica and Hawaii, holding apprenticeship certifications in sacred plant medicine through the Gaia School of Healing in Vermont.  She has work experience as a Health Coach, a licensed Massage Therapist, and certifications in Reiki level I and II.

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Christina has been an avid lover of nature and the ocean since she was young, with a passion for gardening and marine biology.

She was led to plant roots here in Hawaii and join our family business. Herbalism has led her to live a healthier sustainable lifestyle for her and her daughter Payton; one where they can teach and inspire future generations to interact with nature, grow their own food, know the connection between us and nature, and live a healthier eco-friendly life. Christina has twelve years of experience as an entrepreneur in business management and operations, shipping correspondence, customer service, and business finance. She has experience in hotel, event, and office management, and has run two successful entrepreneurial businesses.

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Karen has always been a scientist and nature conservationist at heart which has helped her develop a strong relationship with all living things. 

Karen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology from Iowa State University. She has experience working as a conservationist at various aquariums and wildlife rehabilitation centers teaching the community about the importance of conserving mother earth and all the beautiful living things this world has to offer. She has worked in various labs as a plant biologist, vet tech, and food nutrition analyst gaining knowledge in nutrition, anatomy, and physiology of both plants and animals. Karen studied tropical plant medicine and holds herbal certification in sacred plant medicine from the Gaia school of healing in Vermont. She also holds certifications in Agri-business and Reiki levels I and II. 

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Reconnect to Nature and Awaken Your Own Self Healing

It is our mission to help support a healthy lifestyle through high quality hand crafted, tropical herbal plant supplements, and educational workshop experiences in sacred plant medicine providing ways to awaken us to our own self healing, reconnect us with nature, and provide community enrichment.

To spread the word on sustainable living, conservation, and how we can heal our bodies from the inside out using herbs and wise wo/man traditions to heal the whole being, body, mind, and spirit. Together we can pass on and guide the future generations of this world back to nature and the spiritual, loving, symbiotic relationship we share with Gaia, Mother Earth.

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