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NeuroSomatic Flow™

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NeuroSomatic Flow is a unique, somatic healing modality based not only on reclaiming the wisdom of the body, but also on creating new ways of being through new patterns of moving. Through this simple yet powerful practice, with as little as five minutes a day, the Central Nervous System can be re-wired, while simultaneously releasing limiting beliefs and trauma in a safe and joyful way.


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NeuroSomatic Flow was desiged by Dr. Jinju Dasala, aka the Goddess Brain doctor. She is a neuroscientist from Penn State's College of Medicine, and Co-Owner of NaiAsa Institute in Bali.

NaiAsa Institute pioneers new paradigms of healing and transformational learning based on science, spiritual, and somatic principles. They host workshops and retreats in NaiAsana Yoga, Flow arts, and NeuroSomatic Flow teacher training courses as well as personal coaching sessions.

Dr. Jinju Dasala PhD, RYT aka Goddess Brain Doctor

NeuroSomatic Flow (NSF) & NeuroSomatic Flow Techniques is a combination of Flow Art Dance, Yoga, & Breathwork to bring the individual into a whole brain functioning state of flow (Delta/Theta brain waves), accelerating the rewiring process - which is, as you might imagine, profound for those reinventing themselves.

NSF utilizes flow art props such as poi and the hula hoop to induce the meditative flow state using studies of somatics (movement), ontology (study of being), and Neuroplasticy (creating new nueral pathways in the brain). By using these techniques to move our bodies in a new way, we can learn and train our brain to rewire, reconnect, and repattern our neural pathways in the brain.

The “flow arts” is a rapidly emerging field proving to be one of the most powerful transformative and healing somatic practices. It’s movement, dance, and props - when combined, it becomes exercise for the brain, making it healthier, functionally better, and longer lasting. Flow Art Dance is a form of dance based on movement disciplines using props (poi, hoop) that have been cross-pollinated with acrobatics, yoga, martial arts, or fire-dancing.

There are many studies about the powerful therapeutic benefits of “flow art practices”, including neuro-protective effects and relieving depression and anxiety.

The purpose of NaiAsa Institute’s NeuroSomatic Flow™ teachers and facilitators is to share the 'Medicine of Flow' and help individuals learn about the fundamentals and techniques of the NeuroSomatic Flow practice, so that they’ll have the foundation to apply this medicine on themselves and use it in their daily lives to improve health and wellness.

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'Medicine of Flow'

By using the medicine of flow, NaiAsa Institute has seen clients:

  • Release addictions

  • Find relief from anxiety, depression and self-sabotage

  • Alleviate chronic pain conditions

  • Cultivate more focus & confidence

  • Unlock creative FLOW

  • Manifest financial wealth & abundance

  • Let go of past trauma of almost any kind

Karen Gipple is a certified NueroSomatic Flow teacher and facilitator from the NaiAsa Institute in Bali. 

She has found healing in the 'Medicine of Flow' through her NueroSomatic practice that has helped her heal trauma, grief, loss, and release limiting beliefs around her genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis. NeuroSomatic Flow has aided her in the following.

  • Open chest and airways through breathwork and minfulness practice

  • Fun cardio exercise to clear mucus out of lungs

  • Heal trauma from loss and grief from divorce and father passing away

  • Brought Joy and play back into life when felt lost in a sea of grief

  • Restored Vitality and life purpose

  • Aiding in eliminating limiting beliefs around her disease, vulnerability, sickness, and bodies capabilities. Being enough, giving, and receiving.

  • Restored confidence, self-trust, self-worth

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

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Karen has found significant healing through this practice and she has been drawn to share it with the Cystic Fibrosis community as a CF therapy to help reduce anxiety and stress around the disease as well as share this medicine with others to help them experience the benefits of 'Medicine of Flow' to use in their own lives to restore health and wellness. 

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