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NeuroSomatic Flow™

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 Discover Your True Potential through the 'Medicine of Flow'

Let us move in new ways, so we can learn new ways of BEING!

Somatics - Neuroplasticity - Ontology

NeuroSomatic Flow™

NeuroSomatic Flow was crafted and taught by Dr. Jinju Dasala, a neuroscientist from Penn State's College of Medicine and NaiAsa Institute in Bali.  NSF is a unique, somatic healing modality based not only on reclaiming the wisdom of the body, but also on creating new ways of being through new patterns of moving. Through this simple yet powerful practice, with as little as five minutes a day, the Central Nervous System can be re-wired, while simultaneously releasing limiting beliefs and trauma in a safe and joyful way.


Soul Flow Dakini Poi 

These soul flow Dakini Poi come in a variety of Balinese fabrics or hand painted designs. Each set of poi undergoes a blessing ritual and contains small bags of grains such as organic Balinese rice or mung beans, sand from Hawai'i (with permission from Pele), and organic essential oils. They are hand made in Bali by NaiAsa Institute's Soul Flow Alchemy Balinese partners and staff. 

EVERY PURCHASE MAKES A DIFFERENCE! We are proud to share that a portion of the proceeds from every poi sale goes to helping women and families in Bali through the Saraswati Seva Project.

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Girl standing on mountain with her poi in hands at side with head bowed
Dakini Poi made in Bali by Flow Alchemy

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ocean background at sunset with women flowing with poi

By using the medicine of flow,

NaiASa Institute has seen clients:


  • Release addictions

  • Find relief from anxiety, depression and self-sabotage

  • Alleviate chronic pain conditions

  • Cultivate more focus & confidence

  • Unlock creative FLOW

  • Manifest financial wealth & abundance

  • Let go of past trauma of almost any kind

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