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Nature's "Smart Drugs": Mushrooms, Culinary Delights and Medicinal Magic

Master's of Delectable Disguise

Mushrooms, particularly medicinal mushrooms have been on the rise in being a new researched plant for the use of many different antibiotics and supplements for health. They have been nature's medicine and used by indigenous tribes as medicine for thousands of years. The truth of it is, we have been using lots of different mushrooms are whole lives that have their own medicinal benefits without even knowing it. You find them in super markets across the globe, chefs use them in their culinary dishes, and millions of people use them on a daily basis to put on top of their pizzas, make stuffed mushrooms, and a ton of other delicious mushroom recipes, all of which have become known as culinary mushrooms. Most of these include Maitake, Shitake, Oyster, Enokitake, Tremella, and Portabello.