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Miracles of Sound: The Ultimate Healer

Most of us go about our days, living in a world that is flying by... full of running around to all the daily activities of life between work, school, and family. Barely having time to stop and think, let alone have time to take a break to just breathe and listen to the world around you. We spend our days ignoring the random sounds around us, the cars passing by, the birds out the window, the kids playing down the street. Some would probably say at times, they are so involved in the activities going on around them that they forget to even listen to what is being communicated to them from spouses, and loved ones. We turn these sounds into a blanket of dull white noise that our bodies don't even respond too unless we make a active choice to stop and listen. If we stopped and listened more, and became more in tune with our natural surroundings, trained our brains to listen and observe the sounds we are hearing from within our minds and body without any judgments, we could enliven parts of our bodies, minds, and souls to the healing powers of sound.