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How to Spruce up your Garden Décor with Reusable, Recycled, & Repurposed Items

Transforming your garden doesn’t have to be expensive or damaging to the environment. There are lots of old household items that you can reuse, recycle and repurpose to spruce up your garden decor. Pinterest is a great place for ideas on transforming your garden using repurposed items.

Here are some of our favorites:

Reusing and repurposing pallets

Pallets can be used in a variety of different ways and you can often get them for free as people just want to get rid of them. A popular way of repurposing pallets is to make them into garden furniture, including tables and seating areas. If you’re handy with tools you can even go as far as making a porch with them. You can stain the wood for protection from the elements or paint it, the same way you would a fence.

If you don’t fancy breaking the pallet up, which does take a bit of effort, you can use the whole unit. Attach it to a wall and make a pallet hanging garden. This works really well for herbs. Write the name of each herb on the wood for a great finishing touch.

Reusing and repurposing tires

Tires are another popular used item that you can repurpose for your garden. You can stack them to create large planters, you can create hanger planters with them, you can make seats with them and you can even use them as foundations for a shed or small building. Paint them bright colors to add a unique touch to your garden.

Reusing and repurposing plastic bottles

Old plastic bottles make great hanging planters. To make them you need to cut the bottle in half (keep the part with the lid), this is the bit you’ll be using to plant with. Attach some string to the end of the bottle by cutting small holes in the plastic. You can then use the string to hang the planters. Fill the bottle with compost and plant your seedlings. If you want to make them more appealing to the eye you can also paint the bottles in bright colors.

Used plastic bottles also make great mini greenhouses for your plants. Simply cut the top off the bottle and place it over your plant. Keep the lid and attach it when it’s cooler. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can attempt to make a full size greenhouse out of plastic bottles, it’s been done before! You will need to collect a lot of plastic bottles to achieve this.

Reusing and repurposing tin cans

Tin cans are another household waste item that can be used in the garden. They make great planters for herbs and other smaller plants. You can paint them any color you like to brighten up your garden.

Another fun project to make with tin cans is a wind chime. You’ll need several tin cans and a drill to make holes in the cans to attach rope. Similar to the tin can planters you can also paint the cans.

There are many ways you can get creative decorating the garden with recycled and repurposed items, these are just a few ideas, but there are so many more.

Don't forget you can use, old wooden chairs, scrap metal to create amazing sculptures, old bricks to make walkways, hay bales to outline garden beds, drift wood to make wind chimes, garden beds, and more. You can even use wine bottles, old shoes, rain boots to decorate with, the skies the limit on imagination when it comes to garden décor. Want that awesome irrigation system? Try using old hose to make a drip hose, or tin cans to light up the patio, old 5 gal buckets to make composting pits in your garden beds, and so much more.

We would love to hear what creative ideas you have come up with in your garden, leave us a comment below and share.

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