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Fall Decor Ideas from the Garden

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

With so many DIY fall decoration ideas, you'll find plenty of inspiration here, whether you plan to keep it simple and elegant or go all out with fall doorscaping we’ve got an idea for you.

Here is a list of the top fall plants you can use for decorating your home or garden:

  • Pumpkins, gourds and winter squashes

  • Fallen fall leaves

  • Fallen twigs and branches

  • Berries such as ivy and holly

  • Nuts such as chestnuts or acorns

  • Apples

  • Seasonal flowers

  • Grasses, such as pampas grass

Pumpkins galore

One of the easiest ways to decorate your garden this fall is with pumpkins. Due to their earthy fall colors and large sizes they look great either on their own or placed together. Don’t just stop with pumpkins, add in some unusual shaped gourds and winter squashes to create an eye-catching display. Turk’s Turbans are particularly unusual and make a great conversation starter. Arrange the pumpkins on your front porch or create a separate display on top of hay bales for a more dramatic effect. Aim to have a mixture of different colors and sizes to keep it interesting.

Decorate your mantelpiece

Use fallen items such as apples, twigs and leaves to decorate your mantelpiece. You may need to invest in a florist block to hold it all together. Start with the larger pieces such as the branches and slowly add in the other items until it looks right.

Fall wreath

Make a fall wreath using a mixture of items from your garden. Try to find flexible pieces of wood to make the circle of the reef then add in the other items as you go. Use twine to attach the items to the wreath for a plastic-free alternative to cable ties. Alternatively, you can purchase a premade wreath circle, although it’s always better to use what you have first.

You can make a lovely fall wreath from acorns. You’ll need to gather quite a few acorns before you begin. You will need a hot glue gun to attach your acorns to the wreath. It’s a time consuming process but worth it.

Transform old jars into candle holders

Upcycle your old jars into fall candle holders with fallen leaves from the garden. Attach the leaves when they're still slightly damp so they mold around the jar as they dry. You can attach them to the outside of the jar with twine.

Dried flowers display

If you learn how to dry flowers, you can arrange bouquets of them in open wicker baskets for an elegant, rustic display. Stick to a traditional fall color palette with flowers that are red, orange, yellow and brown. If you're not a fan of wicker baskets use a vase instead. This kind of fall display is very versatile as it can be moved around your home.

Create an Autumnal doorscape

If you’re feeling fancy and have the time, consider going all out by creating a fall doorscape. You can use fresh cut flowers from your garden or dry them out beforehand. To attach your flowers around your door you will need a wire frame. You can attach your flowers with twine or wire to create a beautiful holiday design. Other options are to use pumpkins, apples, gourds or even straw bails to decorate your homes entryway.

No matter what you choose to do or use, the possibilities of creativity are endless. Hope this brought some inspiration to you and happy fall decorating!

Leave us a comment on what your favorite fall decor is below.

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