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How to Make Herbal Aroma Fire Starters for the Holidays

DIY Herbal Fire starter

Embrace the enchanting essence of the holiday season with homemade herbal aroma fire starters, adding a touch of natural magic to your celebrations. Today I’m going to help you discover the art of crafting these aromatic wonders, blending the charm of the holidays with the power of herbs. These festive fire starters not only ignite your fires but also fill the air with soothing fragrances, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Get ready to gather some herbs, spices, and creativity to infuse your home with scents of cinnamon, lavender, or pine.

How to Make Herbal Aroma Fire Starters

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make these aromatic wonders:

Ingredients and Materials:

Assortment of pinecones, orange slices, essential oils, and other herbs and spices
  • Beeswax or soy wax pellets

  • Essential oils (such as cinnamon, lavender, pine, or cedarwood)

  • Dried herbs and spices (rosemary, sage, cinnamon sticks, cloves)

  • Pinecones or dried orange slices

  • Twine or small decorative ribbons

  • Double boiler or microwave-safe bowl

  • Wooden sticks or old candle wicks

  • Muffin tin, silicone mold, or old egg carton

  • Parchment paper


There are endless options to the method used or what aromatic herbs you use. Take this opportunity to get creative and make each one different scents, designs, or the same ones.

several images showing different types of herbal fire starters - pinecone ones, candle ones as well as a image of a fireplace and a family warming their feet by the fire wearing red and white stripped socks.

1. Prepare Your Workstation: Gather all the ingredients and materials. Line the muffin tin with parchment paper or muffin tin liners if you're using one. If using the egg carton, no need to line as you will be just cutting those sections apart.

2. Melt the Wax: In a double boiler or a microwave-safe bowl, melt the beeswax or soy wax pellets according to the instructions. Be cautious, as hot wax can cause burns.

3. Add Essential Oils (optional): Once the wax is melted, add a few drops of your chosen essential oil or oils. Stir gently to distribute the scent evenly throughout the wax. Adjust the number of drops based on your preference for the strength of the aroma.

Bowl of assorted dried herbs and a spoon on table with more herbs laid out and essential oil bottles

4. Prepare the Pinecones or Orange Slices: If you're using pinecones, make sure they are clean and dry. Similarly, if you're using dried orange slices, ensure they are completely dehydrated. These will be the base of your fire starters.

5. Dip the Pinecones or Orange Slices: Using tongs or a fork, dip each pinecone or orange slice into the scented wax. Make sure to coat them thoroughly. Allow any excess wax to drip off.

6. Prepare the Herb Bundles: Bundle together dried herbs and spices using twine or ribbons. Create small sachets with a combination of aromatic herbs such as; rosemary, sage, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, anise, pine and cloves. These bundles will enhance the aroma when the fire starter is lit.

7. Arrange in Muffin Tin: Place the wax-dipped pinecones or orange slices into the muffin tin or egg carton. Insert a wooden stick or an old candle wick into the center of each one. Position the herb bundles around the pinecones or slices.

8. Add more wax: If needed to each carton shell or muffin tin. You can also sprinkle loose dried herbs on top after you add more wax.

Pinecone fire starters

9. Let Them Set: Allow the fire starters to cool and harden completely. This might take a few hours.

10. Decorate (Optional): Once the fire starters are completely set, you can tie decorative ribbons around the base of the pinecones or slices for an extra festive touch, especially if you are making these to give as gifts.

11. Enjoy: When you're ready to use the fire starters, light the wick or the wooden stick. The herbal aroma fire starters will ignite, infusing your home with delightful scents while starting a cozy fire for your holiday gatherings whether inside or outside.

Family and their dog gathered by a outdoor fire in holiday stocking hats and sweaters roasting marshmallows

Remember, these homemade fire starters also make wonderful gifts for friends and family, spreading the joy and warmth of the holiday season.


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