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Paying it Forward- Habilitat

The other day, my sister and I were in a new market for our herbal business 'The Green Witch Apothecary'. It was a great Sunday market and we had the pleasure of having a wonderful booth of woman next to us from a program called Habilitat. This is a program that has been built to help assist individuals in rehabilitating themselves from alcohol and drug abuse. They were there promoting the program, the vocational programs that they provide to the community such as catering, landscaping, and construction. As the market went on we got to chat more with them on other amazing things they do for the community like having one of the largest luau fundraising events on the island with a silent auction, selling Christmas trees, and doing fundraisers to help send toys to underprivileged kids for Christmas. I was amazed at how much they provided to others and were eager to share with the community about these events and how they help fund the program and save lives everyday.