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Wonder Institute
Holistic Learning Community

A online monthly class subscription to our Wonder Institute holistic learning community, a virtual community of teachers and students coming together to learn and teach about all things nature, holistic, and sustainable. 

What's Included:

  • 24 Live classes a year- 2 released each month

  • Watch Live or Watch Recordings

  • Access to all class archives

  • Monthly or Annual Payment Plans

  • Wonder Institute Group Chat Community

Welcome to Wonder Institute, where the wisdom of nature comes to life!

Welcome to Wonder Institute, where the wisdom of nature comes to life!

In this virtual community, we come together to learn and remember the wisdom of the natural world and our own inherent natural wisdom. This monthly subscription provides classes and workshops to reconnect us to nature and awaken our own self-healing. It will provide practical healing knowledge and resources on topics related to nature, holistic living, and sustainability. Our knowledgeable community of holistic teachers will offer ongoing monthly class webinars, which you can attend via computer or smart phone!

We offer these resources to the community, knowing that they are relevant during these challenging times of mental health issues and chronic illnesses, polluted food and water systems deprived of valuable nutrients, and depleted soils from conventional farming practices and overconsumption.

Our hope is that this community will provide resources and knowledge to help you and future generations live healthier lives, while protecting and regenerating Mother Gaia. To encourage people to remember to connect with nature, and to use our natural wisdom to guide us in ways that work with, rather than against, nature. We need to connect to nature to remind us that we are nature, we heal through nature, and our bodies need the rhythms of nature to SURVIVE and THRIVE!

Our mission is to reconnect us to nature and awaken our own self healing. To remind us of the wisdom of the natural world, our own natural wisdom, and how we interact with and dance with the energies of nature. We are nature...It's time we remember!

We look forward to creating a wonderful and interactive teaching community space based in providing knowledge and inspiration while giving back to Mother Earth, and our communities with the knowledge and wisdom of nature based teachings and holistic practices for healing and living.

Classes will be on topics related to living a holistic and sustainable lifestyle, that could include lecture style classes or interactive workshops such as How To or DIY workshops.


Topics will vary, but will always remain in the holistic, regenerative, and sustainable new age spirit of living with and off the earth!  Topics could include herbalism, earth based practices, new age spirituality, holistic healing practices, regenerative and sustainable agriculture, chakras, traditional Chinese medicine, sustainable living, DIY with nature, gardening, holistic nutrition, organic whole foods and herbal recipe tutorials, metaphysical classes, ecology, biology of the natural world, pollinators, elements, plant ID and walks, compost, astrology, fermentation, essential oils, folk medicine, apothecary classes, meditation, yoga, birth classes, Gi gong, tarot, Nature folklore and mythology, homesteading, flower essences, etc.

And many others!

Join all the classes or just the ones that call to you!

Either way you will have access to them all as long as you are subscribed.

So you can work at you own pace and watch when you can or follow along with the live classes to ask questions and interact when you want!

~2024 Class Schedule~

screenshot of the class schedule 4
screenshot of the class schedule 1
screenshot of the class schedule 2
screenshot of the class schedule 3

~Meet the 2024 Teachers and get class descriptions here~

How It Works:

It's Easy! Check out our full schedule of incredible upcoming classes, each month held on Thursday mornings from 10-11am Hawaii Standard Time. The classes will be live streamed via Zoom, so you must download that application on your computer or smartphone. Check out the full schedule below.


The classes can be attended live, or after each class the recording will be posted on the Wonder Institute Group Member page. You will create a login/ password information unique to you and your own account so you can access all of the class replays when you subscribe!


You will have access to that page until you unsubscribe from the series.  Make sure to add to your email contacts so you receive important course updates, new classes, and more.

Herb Plants

Monthly or Annual Automatic Subscription

Once you subscribe you will be charged once monthly or annually according to the payment level you choose, you will have access to all of the live upcoming classes, as well as all of our amazing archived recordings, listed above. You can unsubscribe at any time.



We offer two different payment plans and you are in control!

 You choose the payment level that works best for you!

Monthly Plan ($35)

Annual Plan ($400) 

Save 25% when you sign up for a annual payment plan

You choose the payment level you are able to afford and it automatically renews depending on which plan you choose. 

Monthly Memberships are automatically billed Ongoing - you will be charged until you unsubscribe.

Annual plans will be charged yearly on a recurring basis until you unsubscribe.

​We thank each of our community members for your continued support and generosity, we rely on these payments to sustain our work and that of our holistic community teachers!

Sign Up Today and start your Herbal and Holistic Journey to vital health and wellbeing!

Join the Community... and Sign Up Today!

Some Logistics:


Choose Your Payment Plan
Memberships are automatically billed each month or year depending on what plan you chose, you will be charged until you unsubscribe.  You will have access to the Wonder Institute 
Holistic Community and membership portal as long as you are subscribed.

​This is an INCREDIBLE VALUE, our goal is to make sure that this program is affordable - remember you must have access to use Zoom on your device that has internet access. Classes are held live and class schedules of dates and times will be posted on the membership platform yearly and emailed prior to live class start dates. If you can't make it at the live class time, you will have access to all the class recordings from this year to on into the future on the Wonder Institute members portal for only as long as you continue to subscribe.

That access is part of what the payment is helping to maintain.

Sign Up via the Payment Button below with any major credit or debit card.   

The classes are not downloadable. Remember, due to the digital nature of this content all payments are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you unsubscribe from either plan, you will no longer have access to the members portal or archived classes once you unsubscribe. Recurring payment: When a client cancels a recurring payment, such as a monthly payment, the purchased plan and payment does not continue for the next cycle (e.g. for the next month).


You can unsubscribe anytime, by logging into your members account using your login and going to 'My subscriptions' and choosing cancel subscription for Wonder Institute. 

VERY Important:

Make sure to add to your email contact list so you are sure to receive emails with important class access information and so it does not go to your trash or spam folder. 


Once you subscribe we will be added to the members portal group in our system. As long as you received your payment receipt you are good, no need to email to get a confirmation. We will be asked to login and create an account to access the members portal. Once subscribed you will receive a confirmation email with welcome details for the members portal where you can access the Wonder Institutes Community Chatroom and the class archives and guides (if the teacher provided a class guide) once your subscription is confirmed and processed. At the beginning of each month we will send out an email with the monthly class schedules and course zoom access info for that weeks classes and reminders of upcoming classes.

MAKE SURE to fill out the Name and email address section above the Subscribe button with the correct name and email address you would like to receive course access info, and when you enter the webinar please use that name. 

Join the Community of Holistic Teachers...
Send us your class Proposal!

Interested in becoming a part of our Wonder Institute's community of Holistic Teachers?

Click the link below to learn more about becoming a community teacher. 

Our 2024 class schedule is complete, thank you for your interest and consideration.

Please check back near the end of 2024 as we will begin taking class proposals for 2025 class year starting in October 2024.

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