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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Meet the 2024 Wonder Institute Community Teachers

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Kari Rene

My Vital Force Wellness Center

Kari is a Holistic Practitioner (Naturopathic Practitioner). She does natural health consulting (in person and by phone), using many techniques finding the root causes of symptoms and illnesses, plus what your bodies need to bring balance. Including a Zyto biocommunication technology software program to find what your body shows biological preferences for. Kari focuses on how to help create individualized plans to regain and to retain your health. Her studies in Natural Health also led her to studying about how our emotional health plays a huge role in our physical health; which led her to another service she offers - Evox Biofeedback Sessions. She has studied many different techniques, tools, modalities, therapies over the years and incorporates those into her biofeedback sessions. Kari lives on a small farm in Iowa, is a wife, and a mother to 3 grown children. She owns My Vital Force Holistic Health Hub in DeWitt, where she does consultations and biofeedback sessions locally or by phone. You can contact Kari at or by email


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#1 Build Your Foundation For Health

If you are missing foundational basics of health how can you build or rebuild health?!? This class will discuss the foundations needed for the basics of health and healing.

 #2 I know I need to manage stress, but HOW?

What is stress management and why does it matter? Class will discuss Ideas and tools to help deal with stress, including using Biofeedback. 


#3 Do Emotions Affect Health?


This class will discuss what impacts, emotions have on health? Which organs are associated with different emotions and how do I improve my emotional and physical health.

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Lucie Lynch 

Lucie Lynch Music

Lucie Lynch is an international Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Soul Sound Alchemist and Gene Keys Guide originally from Hamburg Germany. Her background is in theatre, Gestalt-Therapy, music and art and she had the privilege to study the healing power of sound and frequency with amazing teachers around the world. Her mission is to support people from all walks of life in finding their own unique sound and voice and in unleashing their fullest creative expression and imagination. She has a very unique way to facilitate vocal activation sessions for groups and individuals using the magic of breath, vocal toning, mantra and song to create a deep experience of embodiment, so that we can remember our sovereign voices and sing the song of our soul. Her intention is to provide a safe container for healing and transformation and to support women in speaking and singing their dreams into reality.


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From Breath to Voice: Unleashing Your Inner Sound

FROM BREATH TO VOICE is a transformative class, where you'll master deep breathing techniques, unleash the power of your voice, boost confidence, and experience the healing harmony of sound. In a very joyful way we will unleash your authentic voice, and elevate your communication skills in this empowering session. Breathe, speak, and express with newfound clarity and confidence. Breath, clear intention and the courage to unleash our true voice can be so liberating and freeing, you will give your voice wings. TAKE AWAYS: Deep Breathing Mastery: Learn powerful breathing techniques to calm the mind, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness. Voice Activation: Discover the resonance and power of your own voice. Unleash your vocal potential through guided exercises and empowering techniques. Confidence Boost: Build confidence in expressing yourself vocally, both in everyday conversations and public speaking situations. Mind-Body Connection: Understand the profound connection between breath, voice, and overall well-being. Explore how conscious breathing and vocal exercises can improve your mental and physical health. Stress Relief: Experience the therapeutic benefits of deep breathing and vocal expression. Learn how these practices can alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. Communication Skills: Enhance your communication skills by understanding the nuances of tone, pitch, and projection. Improve your ability to convey emotions effectively.


Nataliya I. Gurevich

Healing 808

Nataliya (they/them) is a holistic healer with over 20 years experience. They were born and raise in Northern Russia and inherited healing and psychic gifts from their grandmother who also initiated them into the craft and healing arts. At the age of 22 Nataliya immigrated to the US and settled in California where they received education in Reiki, bodywork, qigong and started their journey as a holistic professional. In 2010 Nataliya moved to Oahu and established their private practice in the city of Kapolei. They have been serving local and military communities on the West side Oahu ever since. Nataliya has crrated their own style of healing by blending many disciplines and techniques they have learned and adding their own flavor to it. Nataliya's passion as a teacher and as a healer is to facilitate restoration of lost connections between body, mind, and spirit, ancestors and their dependents, Earth and people. Nataliya identifies as non-binary, pan-sexual individual, who is a solo-practicing witch.


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Manifestation work with sigils

In this class, Nataliya will show you basics of sigil making and manifestation magic. You will learn how to create sigils/symbols to help you focus on your goals and deaires. You will practice in channeling and focusing your energy using these sigils. You will create one sigil for a simple goal and will leave with a homework to complete the work you started in class.


Raven Hanna

One Cocoa Tree

Raven has played with cacao on Hawai'i island since 2010. Copious experimentation led to simple methods, which she wrote about in her book One Cacao Tree: A Guide to Backyard Cacao, Tiny Fermentations, and Chocolate Making in the Tropics.


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Cacao fermentation for the home grower

This class is an introduction on small-scale techniques to transform cacao pods into fermented, dried beans in your garage or kitchen. These cocoa beans can be eaten as nibs or processed further into chocolate. Even if you don’t have access to cacao pods, understanding the process of coaxing chocolate flavor from cacao seeds will deepen your appreciation of this wonderous and sacred food.


Shannon Oldham 

Art of Science Healing

Shannon is an aromatherapist, licensed massage therapist, and certified lymphedema therapist. Retired from the Navy, she continues her life of service devoted to the wellness of her clients and sharing her knowledge of essential oils with others. Her holistic practice blends art and science for maximum therapeutic effect. Though her course material is evidence-based, she keeps her classes light, interactive, fun, and appropriate for learners of all levels.


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 #1 Mystery in a Bottle: Developing your Sensory Palate


Explore the subjective world of scent. This course will awaken your senses and deepen your relationship with essential oils, unlocking the secrets behind these complex fragrances within your mind.

#2 Dollars and $cents: Become an Informed Essential Oil Consumer

The average American is bombarded with an extraordinary estimate of up to 10,000 marketing messages any given day. The booming essential oil industry has exploded in popularity in recent years, but it’s unregulated. How do you know what’s really in your essential oil bottle? This course will teach you how to read essential bottle labels, recognize marketing terms, and distinguish reality from the marketing messages vying for your attention so that you can choose high quality essential oils for therapeutic use.


Karen Gipple

'Ohana Green Witches

Karen has always been a scientist and nature conservationist at heart which has helped her develop a strong relationship with all living things. 

Karen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology from Iowa State University. She has experience working as a conservationist at various aquariums and wildlife rehabilitation centers teaching the community about the importance of conserving mother earth and all the beautiful living things this world has to offer. She has worked in various labs as a plant biologist, vet tech, and food nutrition analyst gaining knowledge in nutrition, anatomy, and physiology of both plants and animals. Karen studied tropical plant medicine and holds herbal certification in sacred plant medicine from the Gaia school of healing in Vermont. She also holds certifications in Agri-business and Reiki levels I and II. She is a certified NeuroSomatic Flow facilitator and teacher from the NaiAsa Institute in Bali.


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#1 Tips to Begin Working with Herbs

This class will discuss some of the tools, practices, and tips needed to begin working with herbs and using them for alternative healing or to support overall health.

#NeuroSomatic Flow to balance the Nervous System

This class will be a somatic movement class, utilizing techniques from NeuroSomatic Flow transformational practices combining neuroplasticity, somatic flow art dance moves, and ontology the study of being. It will discuss what NeuroSomatic Flow is, the medicinal benefits and uses to it's practice in rewiring and repatterning the neural pathways in the brain to release grief, trauma, limiting beliefs and habits, and bring in manifestation and abundance.


Hayley Botticello

Hello friends! I am a pastry chef by trade, with a passion for books, tea, plants and food. I am an herbalism student who is currently enrolled in yoga teacher certification and an Ayurvedic wellness program. I live my life trying to show love to myself, the planet and all of it’s many inhabitants. Living a holistic lifestyle can seem overwhelming and unattainable before stepping on this path. I hope to share with others that it is extremely possible to treat your mind, body, and soul well on any budget of time or resources without sacrificing enjoyment.


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Treat Yo’self Well

Indulging your sweet tooth doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. In fact many ingredients you probably have on hand in the pantry regularly, hold great health benefits. This class will include 3 recipes you can feel good about sharing and treating yourself with.


Andre Wilson

Inner Alchemy Rejuvenation

Andre Wilson, a dedicated music educator turned wellness advocate, discovered the power of breathwork on his journey to healing. After a neurological disorder disrupted his drumming career, he embarked on a holistic path. Certified in the Wim Hof Method and the Oxygen Advantage, he mastered transformative breath techniques. Recognized by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA), Andre is your guide to holistic well-being. His story inspires, emphasizing the profound impact of breathwork on the mind-body connection. Today, as the founder of Inner Alchemy Rejuvenation Studio in Lafayette, Louisiana, he shares his expertise to help others unlock their full potential through breathwork and holistic healing.


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Breathwork for Mind-Body Optimization

This class explores various breathing techniques as well as the science and spiritual aspects behind them. The skills learn as class and be used to balance the nervous system. We explore activating techniques, relaxing, techniques, and freedom techniques. This class approaches all techniques with a strong foundation, making classes applicable to all levels of experience with breathwork.


Cal Janae Wolfpack

Profound Existence Herbs

Cal Janae Wolfpack, is a clinical herbalist, botanist, farmer & plant educator located in in the (formerly) prairie of the Midwest in the Raccoon River Watershed. They have been studying plants for their entire life: as a child they were led on plant and bird watching walks by their father before they could walk on their own. Later, they formalized their passion for the natural world and living sustainably in it with a degree in Ethnobotany from Drake University. Cal then studied and apprenticed with 7Song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY where they then were employed and volunteered as a clinical herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic for several years. Cal currently works as an herb grower, a clinical herbalist & botanist in their private practice in which they offer sliding scale herbal consultations and provide herb kits to clients of Gentlyborne Midwifery. Cal is the creater of the herbal products line Profound Existence Herbs. In their free time Cal maintains a strong wanderlust and rapt interest in the botanical arts, bird watching & homesteading with their family.


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#1 Botany & Plant Identification in a Nutshell

Botany, the scientific study of plants, can be an intimidating and challeging topic full of technical jargon. Here we will cover key botanical principals that are of practical use to understanding the plant kingdom as people who utilize plants for food and medicine. Emphasis will be placed on identification skills, major groupings of plants & unpacking some of the fundamentals behind technical language and naming in order to make it more accessible.

#2 Herbal Safety in Pregnancy

One of the basic safety considerations most asked by herbalists is the question of herbal safety for pregnant folks. The class will look at 3 different approaches to the question of herbal safety in pregnancy. Students will leave class with an understanding of herbs that they can use during pregnancy as well as understanding when to consider using herbs that may carry some risk and what these risks entail. Focus will be on herbs commonly used by midwives, birth workers & pregnant folks as well as herbs used for common discomforts and issues that arise during pregnancy.

#3 Ecology & Ethics for Wildcrafters & Foragers

Using ecological understanding as a framework, this class will discuss the ethical considerations involved in wild harvesting plants. We will discuss ecological principles and apply them to the relationships that plants have with the other beings that rely on them. This discussion will include humans as an element of the ecological conversation. Discussion will ask questions such as: What is my intended impact while harvesting? How can I harvest sustainably? What is my relationship to this specific plant? How can I harvest in a way that increases biodiversity? Finally we will discuss urban crafting and the human ethics and health involved in growing and gathering plants in a city setting. Students can expect to take away a variety of concepts to consider before harvesting plants from the wild.


Julianne Spitzer & Alexandra Butterbaugh

Nurture & Bloom

We are two holistic chefs that focus on organic and locally sourced ways of healing - we specialize in Postpartum care but these teachings/recipes are applicable to all.





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 #1 DIY - How to Make Your Own Broth


This class will cover how to make different kinds of broth as a way to nourish yourself and your family (and when broth can be really healing!), reduce food waste and put it to good use, stop buying single use broth containers.

#2 Prenatal Yoga: How to evolve your practice throughout pregnancy

This class will be a yoga workshop identifying movements and practices that can be used throughout pregnancy and through the prenatal stages.


Rev. Moon Lavender

Readings with Moon

Rev. Moon Lavender: Ordained Pagan Minister, Certified Sound Healer, & Metaphysics Educator Moon holds twenty-five years of metaphysical background and has a deep passion for helping her clients find their inner potential through shamanic healing, channeled readings, teaching, and sound alchemy. She has taught and seen clients from all over the world, including professionally in Sedona, AZ. She is a recent graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with a diploma in Integrative Healing. She is currently pursuing a three-degree education in Metaphysical Science as well as aromatherapy.


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#1 Psychic Growth & Development


Learn how to develop your psychic abilities through understanding the clairs, identifying psychic enhancing crystals, familiarizing yourself with types of divination, and a brief overview of the auric field. Students will leave at the basic understanding of what psychic abilities are and how to develop them through divination and other modalities.

#2 Oracle Cards 101


In this class students will learn the basics of how to read oracle cards using multiple decks. Students must have at least one oracle deck of their own to take this class. (Preferably two.) We will create a theme using different decks together in harmony surrounding the students' personal inquiry.

#3 The Basics of Tarot

In this class students will learn the basics of tarot and how to start learning to work with the cards. We will study a brief overview of the cards including the suits and their meaning, symbolism, history, the best way to study, and how to identify the storyline in each card.

#4 Introduction To Sound Healing

In this class the student will learn the basics of sound healing and how it affects the body. We will briefly discuss different frequencies and types of tools. Including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, alchemy bowls, and tuning forks and how to use them for healing.

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Kaylene Sheldon

Hawaiian Libra

I am originally from Hawai’i. My ‘åina hånau (place I was born) is inKahuku and my ‘åina hånai (place where I was raised) is in Ka’a’awa.

I have been doing readings for 20 years. I actually knew I was gifted but just never talked about it, I was 4 years old when I started to do astral projecting at night and sometimes during the day. It became less frequent when I was probably in the fourth grade. In 1999,  I discovered comfort in embracing my gifts and tried to learn more about alchemy, merkaba, ascended masters and also my genealogy as it contains a long line of kahuna lapa’au, My ancestors were kahuna lapa’au who lived in Puna and practiced healing. During my whole lifespan I was told that I would do great things in the Hawaiian community and that I was gifted and these things were said to me by kūpuna and by mainstream Christian pastors.

I specialize in tarot and oracle, meditations, intuitive insight, sometimes dreams, astral projection, quantum leaping, prayer, blessings. Animal & plant  healings.

Intuitive Abilities:
● Claircognition: The gut feeling from your na’au
● Clairvoyant: Visuals, symbols, images
● Clairaudience: Comes in with warnings usually
● Clairsentience: Through sensory experiences
● Strong Empath

● Tarot and Oracle Cards
● Hawaiian flash cards
● Crystals, sage, singing bowl, oils, candles
● For blessing: ti-leaf, wai, pa’akai



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Benefits and Uses of the Hawaiian Ti-Leaf

This class will discuss the Hawaiian Ti-leaf properties, the medicinal benefits of this tropical plant and it's many uses. 


Caroline Gipple

'Ohana Green Witches

Caroline lives life with a smile and an abundance of love in her heart for all beings. 

She has a passionate dance in her soul to find all ways to heal different energies. She welcomes everyone with a hug, has a childlike spirit of a Faery, and a nurturing mother to many young and old. In the past thirteen years, Caroline has gained experience and knowledge in herbalism through courses in tropical plant medicine in Costa Rica and Hawaii, holding apprenticeship certifications in sacred plant medicine through the Gaia School of Healing in Vermont.  She has work experience as a Health Coach, a licensed Massage Therapist, and certifications in Reiki level I and II. She is working on certifications as a Doula currently.


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#1 How to Make Herbal Honey’s

This class will be a workshop demonstrating how to make herbal honey's. We will also discuss the many uses and benefits for herbal honey's as well. Plus provide a few delicious recipe ideas. 

 #2 Intro to Herbal Preparations


This class will discuss the many forms of herbal preparation's and how each can be used for different medicinal benefits. 

Be A Part of A Growing Holistic Community and Share Your Value & Skills 

Tropical Leaves

About  Becoming A Wonder Institute Teacher 

Be A Part of A Growing Holistic Community and Share Your Value & Skills 

Wonder Institute is a online holistic teaching and learning community. This will be a monthly membership that individuals can subscribe to partake in a variety of Holistic online classes and workshops. If you are interested in teaching a class, feel free to submit a proposal below. We are looking for like minded holistic speakers and teachers who want to teach classes with us to share their amazing skills and holistic practices/tips within these virtual communities throughout the US, Hawaii, and beyond.


Our mission is to reconnect us to nature and awaken our own self healing. To remind us of the wisdom of the natural world, our own natural wisdom, and how we interact with and dance with the energies of nature. We are nature! It's time we remember.


We look forward to creating a wonderful and interactive teaching community space based in providing knowledge and inspiration while giving back to Mother Earth, and our communities with the knowledge and wisdom of Nature based teachings and earth based practices for healing and living.

Classes will be on topics related to living a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.  This can include herbalism, nature, holistic practices, regenerative and sustainable agriculture, sustainable living, DIY , gardening, nutrition, holistic and herbal recipes, metaphysical, ecology, the natural world, pollinators, elements, plant ID and walks, compost, astrology, fermentation, essential oils, meditation, yoga, birth, gi gong, tarot, homesteading, healing, etc.

Creativity welcome and encouraged! We encourage you to propose what you feel excited and energized by sharing. We love creative DIY and How to posts. This can be for kids or adults.


Platform for class recordings will be via zoom. You must have access to this platform and able to video yourself during the live scheduled class time. You will be a panelist as part of our Zoom account. You will need access to a computer or smartphone with audio and video capabilities. Each class will be recorded and put on a ongoing class archive available to subscribers.


As a teacher within the community you will be compensated for your time with payments made via Paypal or Venmo for a 1 hour time slot class.

Payment: $100

Plus a 1 year subscription to the community. Paid upon completion of the scheduled live class.


Class live session times: 2024 Live Classes will be recorded on Thursdays 10-11am Hawaii Standard Time.

Make sure you check that you are available at this time in Your time zone set prior to submitting proposal. 


Classes will be live, but teachers need to keep in mind that you may have several attendees for live sessions or very few to none, but subscribers are active members of community and take advantage of working at own pace and engaging when time allows utilizing the recordings.


If you are interested in teaching a class or more than one class, please click the link below to be taken to the Google form to submit your class proposals and acknowledge our community values and guidelines.


Please complete one form per class proposal you would like to teach.

Applications are complete for the 2024 class schedule.

Please check back in October 2024, when submission opens up again for 2025 class proposal submissions.


We want this to be a community that enriches and doesn't deplete, so we ask all teachers to fully read and consent to our Values and Agreements before applying to teach with us. Follow the link below to complete.


Mahalo and Aloha,

We look forward to creating a thriving and growing learning community together based in the collective health and well being of all.


The ‘Ohana Green Witches

Karen, Caroline, & Christina Gipple

Class Structure

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