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Meet Your Retreat Hosts

We are so happy that you will be joining us in the beautiful sacred land and red rock forests surrounding Sedona Sacred Rocks Retreat Center. We look forward to hosting you and having a wonderful retreat. In the meantime, feel free to dive into learning more about us and what what our offerings are all about. We look forward to creating sacred space with you in community and supporting your healing and herbal journey into working with herbs and reconnecting to yourself and nature's wisdom. 

'Ohana green witches logo
'Ohana green witches sisters headshots

'Ohana Green Witches

Christina, Karen, & Caroline Gipple

Learn more about us here

Sacred Plant Medicine Tea Meditation

Guests will learn to connect with plant energies for healing through a sacred tea meditation. Relax and connect as we work with the energies of the plants herbal medicine properties through an herbal tea preparation. As we discuss sacred plant medicine, we'll taste and welcome its healing properties. We will meditate on the ontology of connecting to plant energies, taking note of what arises during short tea sessions. Attendees will be asked to share their experiences after each tea meditation with the group as time allows, and then a brief overview of each of the plant’s energies, benefits, uses, and preparations will be discussed. Come to experience the wisdom of our plant allies with an open heart and mind.

herbal medicine made in jars
people gathered around tables making herbal medicines
medicine making display of herbs, tools, and knives
Tea cups full of tea
altar display of herbs and herbal tea jars

Medicine Making- Shrub Workshop

Join in the fun and let’s experience what it really means to work and connect with our plant allies. Let us dive into the playful aspects of our childhood creativity and culinary imagination as we mix, create, concoct, and brew up our delicious plant potions of herbal vinegar shrubs in this 2-hour hands on interactive workshop. Attendees can expect to learn what an herbal shrub is, its history, how it can be used, its medicinal benefits, and its endless various options of preparation type. The second half of the workshop will provide instruction and demonstration on how to make a shrub using folk method preparations and then each attendee will be able to participate in making their very own herbal shrub to take home and enjoy. Supplies and various ingredients will be provided. 


  • Learn how to make this herbal remedy using folk method practices that can easily be used and done at home.

  • Learn the medicinal uses, dosages, history, and benefits of this herbal remedy.

  • Basic herbalist practices/tips of harvesting and sustainable ethics and processes.

Nature Wisdom Walk and Nature Immersion Meditation


Guests will be taken on a nature wisdom walk that leads to a meditation spot chosen by host to connect with nature using all their senses except sight. This is a voluntary activity, and all participants will be taken on a blind folded journey carefully guided with the assistance of our facilitators to a meditation spot where we will do a nature immersion meditation to listen to the sounds of the forest, smells, and energies of the earth. This activity may vary due to event retreat space and location. 


  • Guests will be rewarded with the insight of how they connect to their own inner wisdom.

  • Experience a meditation that will build the reconnection and trust within themselves and how to realign with the rhythms of nature and our connection to our senses and world around us.

  • Trust and self-wisdom awareness activity

  • Spiritual empowerment

women meditating overlooking a mountain
outline of women in meditation pose and tree roots overlay
women in nature meditating
Neurosomatic flow class
women flowing with poi on the beach

NeuroSomatic Flow Workshop


NeuroSomatic Flow is a somatic transformational holistic practice that combines flow art dance, yoga and breathwork to rewire and repattern the neural pathways in the brain. Using poi props this practice provides real time neural feedback to assist in transformations to release trauma, grief, or loss, reduce stress, uplift mood, and bring joy, manifestation, and play into your life. Think playful brain training exercises, to learn more visit

Guests should come prepared to move their bodies. There will be a short intro presentation explaining the medicine and benefits behind NeuroSomatic Flow and what it is. Then there will be a demonstration of the basic practice and then attendees will be able to try this practice for themselves.



  • Learn how to use this holistic practice at home to assist with reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Easy to implement with 5 mins or less to rewire and repattern the neural pathways to release limiting belief systems, old habits, or trauma of any kind.

Wren at Mertails headshot
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Mertails Elixirs & The NOHM Co.

Wren Lizabeth

Learn more here

Let Food Be Thy Medicine Kitchen Demo Workshop


More information to come.

prepared food on a table

Herbal Mixology 101


More information to come.

Mertails elixir products displayed with mocktails
Sedona sacred rocks Meaghan headshot with a horse
Sedona sacred rocks logo

Group Horse Divination


Receive guidance, healing and inner Divine connection with the horse of your choice. Has been proven to be very powerful in healing all types of relationships on many levels: mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Meaghan and her facilitators also use Pranic Healing to help cleanse out any blocked energy in your system. Learn more here.

Fire Purification Ceremony


Experience the the deeply purifying element of fire with this sacred fire ceremony. Fire Purification ceremony is typically done after dark the evening of your choosing. We will be cleansing out old negative energies and emotions from each chakra: removing stress, grief, anger, resentment, fear and all the negative energies in your energy bodies that cause pain on the emotional, mental and even physical levels.

fire ceremony of people in a tipi

Sedona Sacred Rocks

Meaghan McCue

Learn more here

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