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"The Healing Power of Pine: Uncovering the Benefits of Pine Oil and a DIY Recipe"

Updated: Feb 12

Let's dive into the world of pine, a tree that holds not just the secrets of the forest but also the key to crafting a potent elixir - Pine Oil. We’re going to spill the pine-scented beans on why we love this magic oil and how you can whip up your own batch at home with a simple recipe.

Bottle of pine oil and pine sprigs in background with a mortar and pistol full of crushed needles

The Medicine of Pine

Pine, with its towering evergreen majesty, is more than just a pretty tree. It's a powerhouse of medicinal goodness. Pine needles, in particular, are packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and a refreshing aroma that can transport you straight to the heart of the woods. The medicinal properties of pine include boosting the immune system, easing respiratory issues, and providing a natural mood lift. It's basically Mother Nature's own pharmacy. This pine oil can be used as a base for making a salve to use topically, or you can add it to boiling water as steam to open the chest up during a cold by breathing in the aroma. We like to put a few drops in boiling water and throw a towel over our heads and breath it in, but go small as the menthol can be strong for the eyes. You can also use it as a massage oil to aid inflammation points or to open the chest airways as a chest rub.

DIY Pine Oil Recipe:

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of making your own pine oil. Trust us, it's like bringing a piece of the forest into your home.

Jar full of pine oil with sprigs of pine in background with text Pine Oil DIY Recipe


  • Fresh and healthy pine needles (make sure they're not playing host to insects or mold)

  • Coconut oil (or your choice of oil like avocado or olive)

  • 1 oz of 80-100 proof alcohol (this is the preservative superhero)


  1. Pine Needle Prep: Start by selecting only the healthiest pine needles. You want the vibrant, green ones that are free from insect hitchhikers or moldy surprises. Trust your gut on this one – healthy-looking needles equal potent oil.

  1. Blending Bliss: Grab your blender and toss in either 1/3 cup of dried pine needles or 2/3 cup of fresh ones. Now, pour in that 1 oz of alcohol. This tag team not only extracts the medicinal goodness but also acts as a preservative superhero, ensuring your oil stays fresh for the long haul.

Pine needles in background with a mortar of ground up pine and a oil bottle of pine oil

  1. Slow Cooker Magic: Transfer your piney concoction to a slow cooker set on the warm setting. Pour in your oil of choice until it blankets the pine needles in medium warmth. This isn't a hot tub; we're aiming for a gentle warmth, not a rolling boil. Let it bask in this warmth for 6-8 hours. You can extend the spa session for up to 48 hours for extra potency.

  1. Strain & Bottle: Now comes the moment of truth. Strain your potion using either a muslin bag or a fine sieve strainer. What you're left with is pure, liquid forest magic. Pour this elixir into a clean, dry mason jar and seal it with a lid. If you're feeling extra fancy, freeze it for prolonged freshness or stash it away in a dark cupboard if you plan to use it sooner.

  1. Preservation Wisdom: Remember, no dipping fingers directly into the jar – we don't want any unwanted bacteria crashing this herbal party. Instead, use a spoon or pour a bit into your palm. This not only keeps your oil pristine but also ensures it stays shelf-stable for longer.

Bowl of freshly made pine oil being poured from a wooden spoon with pine sprigs in background

There you have it, your very own bottle of pine-scented enchantment. This DIY pine oil isn't just a fragrant addition to your collection; it's a piece of the forest's healing embrace. So, go ahead, indulge in the magic of pine – your senses and well-being will thank you for it! 

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