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Enter to WIN!

Enter to WIN our Christmas Giveaway Promotion! One lucky winner will receive the following.

Free VIP ticket to Holistic Mini Conference

VIP access to our Holistic Mini Conference coming January 12th and 13th. Showcasing speakers and topics on Regenerative practices to aid mental health, reduce stress and anxiety.

($65 dollar value)


 To learn more about teachers and topics click here.



$100 off Wonder Institute Annual Membership

Wonder Institute is our newest membership program launching in January,2024 which is a virtual holistic learning community. Monthly online class subscription showcasing classes taught by our community of holistic teachers and practitioners on a variety of earth based, natural, sustainable, and holistic living topics. ($400 dollar value)

For more details visit our membership page here.


Free Herbal Product Gift

Receive a mystery gift of one of our herbal products, such as a tea, tincture, shrub, or seasoning. ($20 value)

Christmas Pine Tree

Enter to Win!

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Thanks for Entering!

Offer details:

1 entry per individual

Offer ends Christmas day 8am!

No transfers, no exchanges.

Winners will be chosen at random on Christmas Day and winner will be announced via social media and notified by email.

Don't want to wait...

If you just don't want to wait to see if you Win, I'll give you a $100 dollars off our Wonder Institute Annual Membership and a Early bird VIP pricing ticket to our Holistic Conference for $49 dollars. Along with a free herbal product of your choice if you sign up now!

That's a $475 dollar value for $349, that's a SAVINGS of $126 dollars!

Mahalo and Happy Holidays!



Get Deal Now

Offer ends December 25th at Midnight.

No transfers, exchanges, or refunds.

All sales are final.

Price at checkout includes Tax, Shipping, & Fees. ($377 Total)

Thanks for ordering!

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