This herbal spice blend is a delicious nutritive substitute for your favorite culinary dishes as a furkake like seasoning with out the added sugar. It is great on roasted veggies, eggs, avocado toast, fish or chicken. Full of Omega 3 fatty acids from flax seeds and sesame seeds that help support lowering cholesterol, supporting heart health, and proper brain function. Fiber to help improve digestive health and loaded with vitamins and minerals from Stinging Nettles and Dulce Seawed. 


Medicinal Benefits:

* Omega 3's

* Minerals and Vitamins

* Improve digestive health

* Supports Heart health

* Remove toxins and heavy metals in blood

* Superfood herbs

* Nutritive herbs


Stinging Nettles:

A nutritive herb that grows in temperate regions of Europe and North America. It has serrated green leaves that have stinging hairs that if accidentally brushed will cause stinging on the skin, but once added to water or cooked this herb is similar to spinach. It is a nutirtive tonic that supports the kidneys, intestines, lungs, and arteries toning and strengthening them. It is a great herb for childbirth and pregnancy supporting lactation, nutrition, and overall well being supplying the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Balances hormone levels and helps support and restore the adrenals. 


Dulce Seaweed:

A superfood seaweed that has the highest concentration of digestible minerals anywhere. It is full of Phosphorus and Calcium both needed for strong bones, blood clotting, and heart beat regulation. Iron which supports healthy blood and hemoglobin function, along with zinc which helps support a strong immune system. Seaweed also is full of chlorophyl which helps to remove heavy metals from the body and assists in oxygenating the body. 

Mermaid Seasoning - 8oz

SKU: Sea/Me
  • Ingredients:

    Nutritional yeast; Black & White Sesame Seeds; Flax Seeds, Dulce Seaweed (Palmaria palmata); Stinging Nettle ( Urtica dioica); Hawaiian Sea Salt, Pepper

  • Suggested Use:

    Use on your favorite culinary dishes. Great on fish, eggs, avocado toast, roasted veggies, and much more. 

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