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Clitoria ternatea


This delicate vibrant blue flower is sweet and delicious, commonly known as Asian pigeonwings or Butterfly Pea, belonging to the family Fabaceae. It is a delicate vine with vibrant blue flowers that grows rapidly in the tropics and is native to Equatorial Asia and parts of Australia and Africa. In India, it is revered as a holy flower, used in daily puja rituals and has also been commonly used as a natural dying agent for its vibrant indigo color. Used in Ayurvedic medicine, for its high number of antioxidants and bioflavonoids to help support the health of the eyes, hair, and skin. Helping to protect the skin from free radicals, premature aging, and cellular damage due to excess exposure to sun and toxins and by promoting thick, dark hair. Aids in enhancing memory, focus, and overall brain health. A wonderful colorful tea and tonic that is vibrant in showing off its exquisite medicinal properties and healing power.

Butterfly Pea Extract- 1 oz

SKU: Haw/ButFP
  • 1 dropperful (15-30 drops) under tongue, in 2 ounces of water or juice daily as needed. 

    Considerations for Use:

    Before taking any supplements, you should consult with your naturopathic doctor or physician prior to taking if you are on any prescription drugs, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

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