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Holistic Mini Conference

Regenerative Practices to Aid Mental Health, Anxiety, and Stress.

This mini holistic conference will highlight a variety of speakers and topics relating to regenerative practices to aid mental health, anxiety, and stress. This conference will highlight herbal and mycology plants that can be used for restoring the nervous system along with easy practices and tools that can be implemented into your life to assist with boosting your overall health and wellness this year. With mental health, anxiety, and depression doubling every year, we want to provide holistic ways that can support your healing journey along the way. 

Herb Plants
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Herb Plants

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Abby Artemisia from Wander School

Nature Practices for Relief of Stress, Anxiety, & Burnout

There is an epidemic of stress, anxiety, and burnout that has only gotten worse in the last few years. This could also be called an epidemic of disconnection. The further we get from nature, the worse these symptoms seem to become. Even if we love nature, accessibility, whether it be time, distance, or physical ability, can seem difficult to overcome. Learn some simple practices to create more natural connection and, as a result, peace and healing in your mental and physical body in this class.

Abby Artemisia is a Botanist, Herbalist, Forager, and Founder of The WANDER School, a nonprofit making herbs and botanical education accessible, especially to underserved communities.. She lives in Appalachian North Carolina, where she forages and wildcrafts her food and medicine and teaches Wildcrafted Herb School and the Botany Breakdown Virtual Course. She is the author of the Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders and The Wild Foraged Life Cookbook. You can find these and more at

Avalaura Gaither, MSW
The Power of Reiki:  Holistic Practices for Mental Wellness, Stress Reduction & Anxiety Relief

This class will cover the holistic practices and tips used in applying Reiki practices to assist individuals in transforming their lives. Reiki practices that will assist with reducing stress, anxiety, and symptoms of mental health and depression. 

Avalaura Gaither, the internationally acclaimed Intuitive Consultant and Transformational Life Coach, beckons you to embrace your true self and embark on your extraordinary life journey today. With an unwavering passion for empowering leaders and high achievers to manifest their boldest dreams, Avalaura guides those ready to live a life of freedom, shedding limiting beliefs that no longer serve them. She offers a holistic approach, transforming lives, relationships, and businesses.

Avalaura is a captivating International keynote speaker and podcast creator who’s spoken at sold-out retreats and for notable organizations over the last 18 years, blending her expertise as a Licensed Social Worker, Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Wellness Expert. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Howard University.

Her transformative work has garnered recognition
from Real Housewives of Potomac, Men’s Health, Reader's Digest, the Root and Huffington Post. Join Avalaura on your path to wholeness and authenticity.

Hernan Castro from Desert Alchemist

Medicinal Mycology for Overall Health

This class will discuss the chemistry behind popular medicinal mushrooms, their benefits, and uses to aid and support overall health. 

Hernan Castro is the founder of Desert Alchemist, which creates natural extracts from mushrooms and herbs. Most of the ingredients are wild harvested in Arizona, but some are grown locally. We take pride in making potent extractions using a proprietary process that Hernan Castro designed himself with his chemistry background and research. Hernan has spent the last six years studying mycology and researching Medicinal Mushrooms.

Hernan's interests in nature, botany, and mycology are seen in the company Desert Alchemist. The company was founded to find a natural way to support his father's health. His research into medicinal mushrooms and herbs led him to create an extract to support his father's nervous system. He began taking the extract, and after four months, both Hernan and his dad noticed a significant improvement in his father's health.
Today, Desert Alchemist offers extracts of mushrooms and herbs that support various systems and overall health. Hernan continues to research and improve myco-floral proprietary blends for his company, so others can benefit from nature's offerings!

Andre Wilson  from Inner Alchemy

Breathwork Applications for your Holistic Lifestyle

This class will discuss applications of breathwork in all areas of holistic lifestyle using practices from personal experience, the oxygen advantage and Wimhof programs. 

Andre Wilson is the curator of Inner Alchemy Rejuvenation. With a deep-rooted passion for holistic wellness, Andre blends his expertise in functional breathwork, hydrotherapy, and mindfulness to create transformative experiences.


As a certified practitioner of the Oxygen Advantage and the Wim Hof Method, Andre infuses science and ancient wisdom into his practice. Having guided breathwork at retreats and workshops, he understands the profound impact of aligning breath with body and mind.


Through Inner Alchemy Rejuvenation, Andre guides individuals on a journey of revitalization and empowerment, fostering both physical vibrancy and mental well-being. Andre sees clients both in person and virtual.

Karen Gipple from 'Ohana Green Witches: 

NeuroSomatic Flow Practices and Herbs to Reconnect the Mind and Body and Restore the Nervous System.

NeuroSomatic Flow is a unique, somatic healing modality based not only on reclaiming the wisdom of the body, but also on creating new ways of being through new patterns of moving. Through this simple yet powerful practice, with as little as five minutes a day, the Central Nervous System can be re-wired, while simultaneously releasing limiting beliefs, reducing stress, anxiety, and trauma in a safe and joyful way. 



This class will give a brief overview of this practice, benefits, and demonstrate the basic NSF technique and one that can be done without the use of props. Karen will also be discussing some wonderful nervine herbs that can be used to reduce anxiety and overwhelm while supporting and restoring the nervous system. 

Karen is an herbalist, environmental conservationist, entrepreneur, and Neurosomatic flow facilitator.

She holds a B.S degree in biology and a minor in psychology from Iowa State University and certifications in sacred plant medicine and tropical plant medicine from the Gaia School of Healing in Vermont. She also holds certifications in

Agri-business from the Hawaii SBA. 

She owns and operates a small family-owned herbal shop, ‘Ohana Green Witches, LLC with her sisters.
Providing herbal education and small batch herbal products to help us reconnect to nature and awaken our own self-healing.


In her free time, she enjoys sailing, flow and hoop dance, art, nature hikes, camping, water sports, and playing with her dog Ruby.

Skye Chen from Revelaing Fate

Group Psychic Channeling (Gallery)

In this class Skye will lead a discussion on psychic intuition and Ethereal Calibration (EC). We connect with loved ones, angels, ancestors, and Spirit to deliver messages from the other side, and guide us in all areas of life. In this class, he will discuss these practices and provide a gallery of group channeling demonstrations. 

We connect with loved ones, angels, ancestors, and Spirit to deliver messages from the other side, and guide us in all areas of life. Skye Chen is a natural-born psychic medium (he sees, hears, feels, knows). He also assists with deep shamanic soul alignment, called Ethereal Calibration (EC). In this class, he will discuss these 

practices and provide a gallery of group channeling demonstrations. 

Traci Potterf from Inner Genius Health: 

What Anxiety and Overwhelm are Trying to Tell You

Dr. Traci Potterf, PhD, is a Functional Medicine Anxiety Detective. As a psychiatrist’s daughter, former medical anthropologist and recovered debilitating anxiety sufferer, she offers an entirely new way of conceptualizing anxiety that is not at all what mainstream doctors and patients have been taught to believe. She sees a unique way out of the mental health epidemic that she’s on a mission to share with the world. This class will focus on resources and concepts from her own experiences and those of her clients to provide a different perspective on what anxiety and overwhelm are trying to tell you and how we can use are inner natural genius to aid us in supporting our healing. 

Dr. Traci Potterf, PhD, is a Functional Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Patient Advocate and founder of She helps people untangle the root causes of illness, which becomes a doorway to new possibility where clients heal living a life they love.


She received her PhD from UC Berkeley as a Jacob K. Javits fellow participating in a joint program with UC San Francisco Medical School. Losing 50 pounds without “dieting,” overcoming complex health struggles and helping her mom get into remission from Crohn’s disease, she realized we are living in ways that work against our evolutionary biology, leading to epidemic levels of mental and physical illness.


However, when we work with the genius of nature, we can unlock our inner genius and heal from cell to soul.

Speakers & Topics:

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