Sacred Plant Medicine

The Green Witch Apothecary values  the ancient tradition of Sacred Plant Medicine which is the 'Heart of Green Witch Medicine'. We strive to teach and reconnect the community to the healing world of plants. To allow us to bring our ancient traditions of healing back to the plants by going beyond the physical realm, beyond just treating symptoms or the disease, but reconnect us to our love relationship with our Green world and realigning the natural healing of the body, mind, and spirit.  

In our past, we see that all ancient cultures from around the world used this method of plant medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, numerous Native American tribes, and many of the Hawaiian or Shamanic practices from around the world.  It was practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and by herbalists throughout Europe until the 17th century. They all used this traditional method of healing by working with the energetic qualities of the plants and understanding these principles of energetics is essential for healing. The traditional herbalists considered the complete healing essence of the plants from the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. They all approached healing plants as something sacred, used in ceremonies and ancient traditions around the world.

To be able to recognize when we enter the realm of the sacred and experience its transcendent nature is when we will trully begin to understand the herbs and when we go from understanding a plant from a head/mind level to understanding it on a heart/spirit level. The experience of sacred plant medicine is translated to us from the smells, tastes, sights, sounds, and feelings of the herbs energies co-creating with our bodies on a deeper level of intimacy and love for the abundance the Green allies bring to us. A belief that there is an essence in all things, including herbs, came from the connection of our ancestors to the Spirit of the Earth, to live close to the Earth, love the Earth, and all the living plants that grow upon it.

"In making contact with the sacred through plants, one must go into the world of plants, not as a human who knows everything, but as a seeker who has come to learn."
-Stephen Harrod Buhner

All of us have the capacity to enter the world of the plants, but many of us have forgotten this essential aspect of being human. Ancient healers saw the Earth as the all-nourishing mother and healer. The giver of life along with the powerful forces of the elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether. We have lost this connection to mother earth with our current lifestyle of living. We live in cities with very little nature around us, if we get sick we take a prescription drug given by hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies. These modern drugs of today have lost their natural health-giving qualities, instead they are man-made synthetically to mimic compounds with in the botanical world.

The more healing the plant the closer it is to the source which is the Earth. All our organs, glands, including our brains, are crafted from the raw materials of the Earth. Mother Earth is humankind's great educator, giver, and great disciplinarian. If we would begin to see, accept and act on the vision of our place within nature and the plant kingdom, then we too may come to live wisely and responsibly on the Earth.


"Behold the herbs! Their virtues are invisible and yet they can be detected."
-Paracelsus (1493-1541) Physician, Natural Philosopher, Alchemist, and Mystic


It is the direct result of healing the separation from nature and the human soul that plagues humanity. There are openings when the use of plants touches us and becomes a vital energy that is life, the Spirit of the Earth, that which heals and transforms us. The healing gift offered so abundantly and freely by mother Earth through her green allies is indeed a greening of the human condition, pointing to life, vitality, and true health on a body, mind, and spiritual level.