This herbal extract is the go to extract for traveling out of country or just across the state in case of emergency for all those unknown illnesses that may occur when traveling abroad. Soursop is a large tree that has small smooth leaves and grows giant green avocado looking fruits with pointy spines covering it. Soursop or also known as Guanabana in south america is a wonderful medicinal plant that contains several anti-microbrial properties. Soursop is a calming nervine and muscle relaxant that acts as a mild sedative that has been helpful for insomnia and easing stress and anxiety. This plant is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antispasmodic assisting with respiratory conditions easing coughs, congestion, asthma, and bronchitis infections. It is also soothing to the digestive system when diarrhea and dysentery are present as Soursop has anti-parasitic and insecticidal properties killing lice, bedbugs, worms, and other intestinal parasites making it a great travel companion to use as needed.


Medicinal Uses:

* Mild sedative and calming nervine

* Muscle relaxant and antispasmodic properties

* Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, and Anti-viral

* Digestive Aid and Anti-parasitic

* Insecticidal- has been used for killing lice and bedbugs

* Liver and digestive tonic

* Aid for insomnia


Soursop Herbal Extract - 1 oz

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  • Suggested Use:

    One dropperful (10-30 drops) in 2 ounces of water or juice up to twice daily as needed. Not recommended to take long term and in large doses.

    Considerations for Use:

    Before taking any supplements you should consult with your naturopathic doctor or physician prior to taking if you are on any prescription drugs, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

    Not recommended in large doses (greater than four dropperfuls a day ongoing) and may cause nausea and vomiting. Long term use is not recommended as it can cause die off of intestinal flora in the gut becuase of Soursop's strong anti-microbrial properties.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 

  • Tinctures Are:

    Tinctures are a single herbal extraction or a blend of herbal extractions that provide a potent and convenient way to consume herbal medicine. Our tinctures use a local sugarcane alcohol to extract the medicinal properties of the herbs out, so we can create are wonderful herbal blends. We use local Hawaiian or mainland organically sourced herbs to use in our plant medicine. Each herbal remedy is carefully crafted in Oahu using traditional harvesting practices of sacred plant medicine and wise woman traditions. Honoring and respecting the land, herbs, and plant spirits that provide this abundance for us and guiding us in formulating our herbal medicines. Each medicine is hand-crafted and made with love, healing energy, as well as crystal, and moon energies to provide the best possible healing for the mind, body, and spirit!   

  • Ingredients:

    Soursop leaf (Annona muricata)

    Sugar Cane Alcohol (alcohol content 80 proof)

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