Hand crafted crystal Energy wands for altar displays, riecki practices, or casting sacred space and circles. Tie prayers around the wand or place notes in the prayer beads, place on your altar to bring divine crystal energy to your prayers, intentions, and to assist in manifesting your dreams. Each wand is unique and hand crafted with all natural elements, moon energized each full moon to bring more healing and manifestation energy to each one.


Clear Quartz:

Among the most abundant minerals on the planet it is found everywhere. This crystal is a master manifester, that is programmable so give it a job to do cause it will intensify the powers of all the stones in your crystal collection. It is a great crystal to use during meditation, to call on when you find yourself believing the limitations your mind puts in front of you. Quartz will assist in illiminating these illusions, clear the mind of self doubt and surrender to the will of the Universe and start manifesting the impossible. 

Clear Quartz Crystal Energy Wands

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    Made from collected drift wood in Hawaii, bounded with leather material and chord. Clear quartz crystals and wire wrapping with assorted feathers and charms. Sizes and designs vary.


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