This smudging bundle comes with everything you need to clear negative energies from your home, your aura, or to cleanse yourself before entering sacred space, ceremonial harvesting or daily rituals. Perfect for beginners who want to learn and experiment with sacred smoke offerings, blessing herbs, and daily meditation rituals and also makes for a great house warming gift. 



*Selenite crystal: To bring in clearing and cleasing energy and represent the element of Earth. 

*Abalone shell: To use as a vessel to burn your blessing herbs in as offerings and represents the element of water and it's guardians the Undines.

*Sage smudge bundle: A blessing herb that is nuetral, cleansing to the air, and anti-bacterial- sourced from ethical sustainable sources.

*Hina Hina plant (Pela's hair/ Spanish moss): A living plant gift with minimal care needed that is great for helping to cleanse the air of a room and bring the spirit of mother earth to any living space. Represents the element of earth. 

*Feather: To use to move and direct the smoke offerings in a particular direction and to bring in and represent the element of air and it's Sylph guardians.

*Box of matches : Represents the element of fire and it's salamander guardians

* Small Hawaiian Lauhana box - brings in the cultural aspect of Hawaiian culture.

*Instructions on how to smudge


Ceremonial Smudge Bundles

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  • Notes:

    Some Blessing herbs such as white sage and palo santo, along with many essential oils are overly harvested and distributed in large quantites. Purchasing blessing herb bundles from repetable sources who grow them sustainably or growing and harvesting your own to make are best practices. It is also good to be aware of the cultural aspects of some blessing herbs, such as Kava, Palo santo, Fankinsence, and Tobacco as these have great religious and cultural ties and traditions to specific cultures around the world. Make sure you are using these with respect and conscious intentions of the cultural backgrounds of the blessing herbs you choose. These are sacred to many cultures around the world and have been used for centuries. 

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