This Ancient blend of herbs has a representation of a smoke herb from each ancient culture. Klip Dagga from ancient African cultures, Egyptian Blue Lotus from Egypt, Mugwort is represented by the ancient Chrone Witches, and Raspberry Leaf from Native American cultures. This flavorful and relaxing smoking mixture is blended with care and contains no synthetic ingredients or tobacco. Ideal for rolling your own herbal smokes or enjoying out of a pipe, this organic loose-leaf blend is a great legal choice and helps to relax the mind and induce dream states.


Medicinal Benefits:

* Induce Dream State

* Relaxing and Calming Effects

* Calming to the Nerves and mind

* Mild Sedative 

* Mood lifting/Euphoria

* Aphrodisiac

* Nervine


Klip Dagga:

Klip Dagga is an erect, loosely branched annual with strongly angled stems (square in the cross section) and the leaves are smooth, triangular in shape and in pairs opposite each other. Flowers are in rounded, spiny clusters that encircle the stems so that it looks like the stems are growing right through the middle of the clusters. It has become naturalized in subtropical and tropical areas all over the world and is often found along roadsides and in abandoned fields where it can grow up to 3m tall. Klip Dagga has long been used in Africa for fevers, colds, asthma, and malaria. It is a good heart tonic and has anti-inflammatory properties used for relieving pain and inflammation in joints. When smoked the herb has the ability to induce dream states and exuberance.


Egyptian Blue Lotus:

A egyptian water lilly that has been used for thousands of years in the egyptian culture as a sacred symbol and used to induce psycho-active and awareness of dream states. t’s a small, round, blue, flowering species that floats atop lakes or other bodies of water. The flower buds rise to the surface over a period of two to three days. When they're ready, they open in the morning around 9:30am and close in the early afternoon around 3:00pm. It is used as a nerve relaxant or stimulant depending on what your body needs. It has been used as a aphrodisiac and has mood-lifting, Euphoric properties. 


Raspberry Leaf:

This deciduous shrub grows in temperate climates and is native to Europe and Asia. It has woody stems with thorms, pale green leaves, white flowers, and edible red berries. The leaves are used medicinally and the fruit is widely used throughout the world as a food. Raspberry Leaf has been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years and has astringent and stimulent properties making it popular for many ailments. The most common being a uterine tonic for female reproductive health, but it has also been used for sore throats, menstraul problems, vitamin C defeciences, Diuretic, and blood cleansing. Mainly used as a tea medicinally and should not be used during pregnancy or during breast feeding. 



A aromatic many branched perennial shrub that has angular grooved green leaves with white bottoms and red brown stems. It has yellow to red brown flower heads during the months of July - September. A old time traveler's remedy during the medieval times for protecting from fatigue and sunstroke. It has been used for insect bites and sometimes as a culinary herb. It aids with a healthy menstration flow and female reproductive health tonic. Helps with disrupted sleep and for nights when you have trouble getting back to bed. Helps to recall, enhance the resolution, and complexity of dreams.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


Ancient Ones - 7g

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  • Ingredients:

    Lemon Balm; Mugwort; Passion Flower; Tropical Blue Vervain 

  • Suggested Use:

    Ideal for rolling your own herbal smokes. Can also be used as a tea, for use as offerings or burning scents for ceremonies and rituals. Add to baths for some extra self love ritual care as a herbal bath.

    People have smoked herbs throughout history for a wide variety of reasons. Most have used them as offerings during spiritual ceremonies or cultural traditions; and have all shaped the history and ritual of smoking herbs. 

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