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This beautiful golden extract is made from organic fresh turmeric root also known as 'Ōlena in Hawaiian. This tropical plant is native to Asia originally, but grows in abundance in Hawaii. This popular golden rhizome has been used internally as food and medicine throughout history for a wide variety of ailments, but the go to for this herb is to reduce inflammation in the body and assist the liver in removing toxins to cleanse the blood. Has also been used to aid in inflammatory skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis.

'Ōlena- Turmeric Extract - 1 oz

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  • One dropperful (10-30 drops) in 2 ounces of water or juice twice daily or as needed. 

    Considerations for Use:

    Before taking any supplements, you should consult with your naturopathic doctor or physician prior to taking if you are on any prescription drugs, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

    Not recommended for persons with severe liver problems or liver disease.

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